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New 2009 Beaver Contessa
New 2008 Beaver Contessa
Used 2006 Beaver Marquis
Used 2003 Beaver Marquis
New 2009 Beaver Patriot
Used 2006 Beaver Patriot Thunder

Beaver motor coaches led the way in the RV industry for the best part of thirty years before becoming part of the Monaco Coach Corporation in 2001. Beaver established a strong and loyal following due to the great power and performance delivered by their vehicles. The stunning interior woodwork and stylish furnishings helped set used Beaver motor coaches apart from their contemporary rivals.

Beaver motor coaches built up a legacy through the Marquis, Patriot Thunder, Contessa and Monterey motor coaches. All models have built up a loyal following as the combination of luxury and reliability stands head and shoulders above most competitors. Many of the coaches are still on the road today and continue to deliver pleasant driving experiences for their owners.

Beaver Marquis

The Beaver Marquis caters for those people who want their coach to deliver something special. It is a luxurious motor home that stands out from the crowd. It is famous for its handcrafted interior wood cabinetry that delivers a stylish and luxurious lifestyle on the road.

Beaver Patriot Thunder

The Patriot Thunder offers the chance to enjoy luxurious travel and plenty of power to get around. The opulent interior is second to none and it definitely gets noticed on the road. The superb power and great reliability make the Patriot Thunder a highly satisfying motor coach.

Beaver Contessa

The Beaver Contessa is a great example of why Beaver owners are among the most loyal in the industry. The plush furnishings and sharp interiors deliver a sophisticated yet homely feeling. With great reliability and smooth handling, the Contessa provides a great driving experience and comfortable living conditions.

Beaver Monterey

The Monterey boasts a Roadmaster M-Series chassis that aids great handling on the road. The superb interior craftsmanship complements the residential fixtures to deliver a stylish and luxurious living environment.

Since 2001, Beaver motor coaches have been a part of Monaco Coach Corporation and has continued to offer a great line of RVs for people wanting something special. The focus is firmly on delivering greater levels of customer service and making owners feel like people rather than just a number.

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