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Used 2010 Damon Tuscany

Stock #: 9488 Used Damon RV for Sale- 2010 Damon Tuscany 4078 with 4 slides and 51,721 miles. This RV is approximately 40 feet in length with a 360Hp Cummins engine, Freightliner raised rail chassis, power mirrors with heat, GPS, 8KW Onan ..
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$805 (w.a.c)*

Used 2006 Damon Tuscany

Stock #: 9453 Used Damon RV for Sale- 2006 Damon Tuscany 4077 with 2 slides and 27,538 miles. This RV is approximately 40 feet in length with a 350HP Caterpillar engine, Freightliner raised rail chassis, power mirrors with heat, 7.5KW Onan..
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Payments as low as
$515 (w.a.c)*
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Damon Motor Coach are synonymous with providing exceptional value when it comes to motor homes. For over 23 years Damon built some of the most recognized RVs on the road. The list of popular RVs includes the following:

Damon Astoria
Damon Tuscany
Damon Challenger
Damon Outlaw
Damon Daybreak
Damon Avanti

In late 2010, Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International strategically merged to form Thor Motor Coach. This has propelled Thor Motor Coach to the number one manufacturer of motor homes in North America. The large market share enables Thor to provide unrivalled competitive pricing and quality of motor homes.

Damon continues to offer some of the best motor homes available on the market. Each motor home undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves the manufacturer and should reach customers in prime condition. Popular Damon RVs are available in both gas and diesel models and continues to offer the exceptional quality under the Thor Motor Coach brand as it did under its original brand.

Damon covers virtually all bases when it comes to providing what people want from a motor home. All models ooze luxury and style. The Damon Avanti is a Class A front diesel motor home that offers great fuel efficiency for its size. It has great drivability and the aerodynamic design not only looks good, but adds to the overall fuel efficiency.

Both the Damon Astoria and Damon Tuscany are Class A rear diesel motor homes and have all the essential modern appliances fitted as standard. The Astoria offers affordable luxury while the Tuscany demonstrates ultimate sophistication on the road.

The Damon Daybreak is a Class A gas motor home that offers high quality living at an affordable price. While the Outlaw serves as a luxurious toy hauler for just about any toy that can’t be left at home. Golf carts, dirt bikes or even snowmobiles easily fit into the well designed Outlaw.

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