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Winnebago was founded by John K. Hanson and others in 1958 after convincing a California based company to open up a travel trailer factory in Forest City, Iowa. In 1960, after John K. Hanson and five others bought the factory and Hanson made president, the company name was changed to Winnebago Industries. The company was able to dramatically improve the quality of RVs by manufacturing furniture and other components specifically for its travel trailers.

After a few years establishing the travel trailer business and building a reputation for great quality trailers, the first motor home was produced in 1966. It made a dramatic impact on the industry as Winnebago were able to produce a motor home at half the cost of competing models.

The Winnebago name has been synonymous with motor homes since 1966 and the legacy continues to build. The mission statement is moving forward with innovation and quality. This statement rings true over the last 50 years as Winnebago Industries have pressed ahead with bold innovations that changed the industry.

The strong affection towards the Winnebago brand has seen them build up some of the most loyal customers in the industry. The dedication is rewarded with Winnebago offering the best after sales service in the industry. This includes extended warranties and 24 hour roadside assistance that ensures every Winnebago driver should get to their destination safely and in a timely manner.

Winnebago provide a range of motor homes at exception value across different classes. The iconic designs help them stand out from the crowd and the comfortable interiors make exploring the outdoors enjoyable.

Popular motor homes manufactured by Winnebago include:


Each of the classic designs provides a range of modern interiors that really delivers that homely feeling. This has helped build up a strong and loyal customer base over the years and with new models launching each year, Winnebago continues to provide what their customers really want.

Winnebago Industries continues to produce high quality motor homes today and aims to continue innovating in the future. The same determination and commitment exists today as it did over 50 years ago to provide high quality, great value and efficient motor homes.

At you’ll find used Winnebago RVs for sale at great prices. To find out more about the range of Winnebago motor homes available visit the Winnebago website.